April 28 2012 Saturday at 11:41 PM

BFWs carries you further with the Fisher Space Pen

BFWs is proud to partner with Fisher Space Pen.

Fisher Space Pens have been tested in every corner of the globe for almost 50 years.

They can write upside down, underwater, on dirty skin, against a wall, through grease, on wet paper, and in temperatures ranging from -30 to +250 Fahrenheit.  

They do this by using a pressurized ink cartridge that forces ink out of the pen, allowing you to keep focused on pushing your personal boundaries.

They are the preferred pen of NASA, and have been on every manned space mission since long before R.E.M. ever put a Man on the Moon.

This compact “bullet” pen fits perfectly into your BareFoot Wallet, but is fully expandable to give you a comfortable, relaxed writing experience – even while lying down.

Pamper yourself by purchasing a Fisher Space Pen, or take advantage of our package deal to get both a FSP and combination Lanyard/Carabiner for only $20. 

This is one way BareFoot Wallets continues to equip, and inspire your next adventure, and is another example of how we’ve raised the bar as the original Adventure-Travel Wallet.