June 13 2012 Wednesday at 11:44 AM

View the world with VISTAliner

Be prepared for anything with the VISTAliner passport wallet. 

This ultra-versatile travel wallet holds everything you need - Cash, Cards, Passport, iPhone, Lip Gloss, Pen/Pencil, Checkbook - to hop off your board and head over to the bar, and stores it all in a compact, stylish, and waterproof enclosure that can be clipped to the belt, or worn around the wrist.

Fully expandable to hold all critical contents, but yet easily collapsible and packable, the VISTAliner is the ultimate travel companion, and will be the only passport-clutch wallet you will ever need.

Use the VISTAliner as your daily traveler or nightly clutch, because like every BareFoot Wallet, it's style-conscious adaptability make it ideally suited for most any situation you find yourself.