What are they made from?

Our wallets are made from a laminate-composite that has Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, and Pentex at its core. These fibers are bonded between a plastic Mylar film to produce a cloth that is extremely thin, light, and waterproof. This material has conventionally been used to power racing sail boats, but we’ve re-purposed it to ensure that your wallet, and its contents will survive just about any situation you may find yourself.


The wallets can be personalized? To what degree?

Each of our individually-numbered wallets are made in small batches, by hand, in the USA. Some are constructed from cloth that is discontinued or no longer available, giving each wallet a distinct personality - just like the person who carries it.

We can make your wallet even more unique by hand-writing your name and/or date of purchase on the inside tag. This is a free service, and is just one way we ensure that your wallet will be right by your (back)side on all of your jaunts, and through all of your journeys.

Make sure to specify the name you want written inside your wallet by entering it into the space provided at checkout. Your wallet will not be personalized if this field is left blank.

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